Red Velvet Earthquake Cake or Chocolate Earthquake

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Have I got a spectacular dessert for you! Red Velvet Earthquake Cake. Let that sink in. This luscious cake has coconut, pecans and chocolate chips on the bottom layer, then those ingredients are topped with a lovely Red Velvet Cake batter followed by a scrumptious cheesecake layer. This dessert is wonderful, and if you like gooey desserts (which I do), then you will find Red Velvet Earthquake Cake a dessert you will savor down to the last bite! Red Velvet Earthquake Cake undergoes a seismic shift while baking so that everything becomes somewhat topsy-turvy. It develops cracks on the top of the cake which resemble an “earthquake,” and that’s how the cake got its name. Serve Red Velvet Earthquake Cake with chocolate sauce, ice cream, or whipped topping if desired, but I assure you, this dessert is rich and decadent enough just as it is! If you’re looking for a fabulous holiday dessert then Red Velvet Earthquake Cake has to be on the menu! It’s a great dessert for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries, too. ***SPECIFY IN COMMENTS WHETHER YOU WANT RED VELVET OR CHOCOLATE EARTHQUAKE****

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CHOCOLATE EARTHQUAKE CAKE Oh, my goodness, this dessert is such a delight. Chocolate lovers and Cheesecake lovers will love the combination of flavors in this “wreck” of a cake! Coconut and pecans are placed at the bottom of a baking dish. This is topped with German chocolate cake mixture and then a cream cheese layer. While the cake bakes, all the ingredients perform a seismic shift and an “earthquake” occurs. All that yummy chocolate and cheesecake, along with coconut and pecans cracks as the cake bakes and cools so that craters, crevices and gorges form, much like Grand Canyon. It is amazing. If you’re looking for a wonderful dessert to knock the socks off your family and friends, then Earthquake Cake is the dessert that will do it. It is so delicious everyone will want seconds and thirds. No kidding. So be generous and don’t hog the whole dessert for yourself. Allow everyone else to get a piece, too. (picture shown with chocolate sauce that you yourself could add) Order must be placed at least 3 days in advanced! ***SPECIFY IN COMMENTS WHETHER YOU WANT RED VELVET OR CHOCOLATE EARTHQUAKE****