These Pralines are so creamy they will melt in your mouth! Our pralines are made only with the highest quality pecan halves, fresh cream, and real butter. They are the iconic New Orleans treat. Sold by the dozen! $30/Dozen

Cakies are cake like cookies. They have the texture of cake with the shape and size of a cookie and are sometimes topped with a flavored icing.

Other flavors available:
Butter Pecan
Red Velvet
Birthday Cake
German Chocolate

Sold in quantity of 6 for $12 or 12 for $24.

White Chocolate Covered Oreo's with Drizzle. Drizzle can also come in other colors. Sold by the dozen for $25!

Fleur Di Lis white and mild chocolate covered oreo's! Fleur di Lis design can come in other colors such as pick, red, green and black. Let us custom make your Oreo's for your next event!

Sold by the dozen for $30!